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if you pledge a dollar a story, you'll be notified here every time a new story is posted to the EMCSA, and cross-posted to Literotica. If you want to contribute and you can't access any of these three sites, send me an email at jukebox0012000 @ yahoo.com and I'll arrange for you to be added to a mailing list for patrons who have limited Web access. (Take out the spaces before you send, the email address is broken up to avoid spam bots.)

This will be no more than one story a week, so if you're trying to budget your contributions, expect to be paying roughly $4 per month. This may mean that once a week, you will have to get the medium latte instead of the large, so plan accordingly.

Early Bird Support (Recommended)

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I always try to work a few weeks in advance, just in case there's a bad day when I have no time to write. Currently, I've got a ten month lead. This works in your favor! If you pledge at the $2 Early Bird level, you'll be able to access special Early Bird posts here on this site that get each story a full SIX MONTHS before the web updates, as well as a .txt copy for private downloading and personal use. Want to be special and read an exclusive subscriber-only story today? Want to experience time travel and literally live in the FUTURE? Then this is for you!

Again, this will be no more than one story per week, so budget $8 bucks a month for this level of support. This may mean skipping a latte altogether once or twice a month, but again, the FUTURE!

Suggestions Welcome

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If you're willing to contribute at least $3 a story (and again, that's PER STORY, so we'd be talking $12 a month) I'm going to open my door to suggestions. I can't promise I'll accept all suggestions from my contributors, but if you're willing to give $3 per story you can send me a message on here with anything from a character name to a song title to a particular interest you'd like to see in my story, and I'll do my best to incorporate it into a future work. Again, I do reserve the right to reject something that's utterly not in my wheelhouse--Simon's guidelines are probably going to be useful here, since I have no intention of writing something I can't post there--but I will try very hard to put your suggestion into print.

This is not a one-time thing; you can share multiple ideas, although I'd like people to keep it to one at a time just to keep things simple. I'd prefer it also if you kept the suggestions general--if it's too specific and detailed, you'd probably be happier if you wrote it yourself. But this is an open pipeline to me as a writer for the foreseeable future.




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About Jukebox

Hi! My "name" is Jukebox, and I'm a writer of erotic mind-control fiction. I've been a long-time contributor to the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive, with over 400 short stories to my name. My writing tends to be eclectic, but it all shares a common theme of that very exciting place where the mind loses control and desire takes over. Whether it's vampire kink, telepathy, subliminal messages, or erotic hypnosis, all of my stories focus on the ways that giving up one's will (temporarily or permanently) can be one of the most sensual experiences of all.

I'm asking for your support for my stories--the more people who pledge, the more stories I can create. I will be posting my stories to the EMCSA and to Literotica. With more of your support, I'll be able to publish them as ebooks as well. The more you help me, the more we'll get out of it together!
$313.65 of $500 per Short story
After giving it some thought, I'm moving this goal to the $500 mark, since it's going to require a pretty major commitment on my part, but....

If we get up to $500 per story, I will regularly post two stories a week to Early Bird members. Simon will still only get one, but all you wonderful people pledging at least $2 will get two. Your pledge will go twice as far, you'll get stories further and further out into the future, and you will officially be the envy of all your kinky friends. (Well, all your kinky friends who like my stories but can't afford $2 a week for them.) How can you resist?
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 354 exclusive posts
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