is creating Hand Painted Musical Instruments and Music Inspired Artwork

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Do you know how many artists are fighting against being "Starving Artists?"

Here's your chance to help fight the Starving Artist Stereotype! Join the, "Lunch Club" with Juleez and help stamp out Artist Hunger! 

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About Juleez

Welcome to Club Juleez
Hello friends, fans, music and art lovers! I am a full-time, visual artist that specializes in Hand Painted Musical Instruments and music inspired artwork. It's always been a wonderful challenge to make a living supporting yourself as an artist, and I work at it daily. 


Long ago, arts patronage, the financial sponsorship of artists by individuals or businesses, paved the way for some of history’s most enduring works of art. Back then, a patron would employ a gifted artist, sometimes for years, providing them with funds to cover supplies, living expenses, and a stipend. In return, the artist would complete works of art commissioned by his patron or benefactor.

Many artists have spent their lives as "Starving Artists," and Vincent Van Gogh is perhaps the most well-known example of this. Although he was tremendously prolific, creating over 2,000 artworks during his lifetime, he struggled to find commercial success. Although his works routinely trade for millions of dollars today, he ironically died a pauper, barely able to eke out a Spartan existence from his artistic talent. Thank you for your Support for an Artist's Small Business.

Fellow Artists: I love talking "Shop" and all about the Art Business. From marketing, sales, big box to boutique, commissions to galleries, manufacturing to licensing, encouragement, painting, technique and feedback, this is the place for you!  

Clubs start at$1 Dollar, billed monthly and cancel anytime. Patron's have different benefits available by Choosing a Monthly Club or Tier. Each Club Tier Includes ALL the benefits from the previous Tier with it. 

Support an Artists Small Business and you'll help us not only survive, but thrive! Join the Juleez Club and 
receive Special Rewards, free Digital Downloads, Special Pricing, Merchandise and Exclusive Patron Offers

LONG TERM GOALS:  The Painted Orchestra Project (POP)
My long term goal is to create the world's first, Painted Quartet / Orchestra / Band and to have a live performance!
I would love to create a series of hand painted musical instruments to be sponsored and given to students, school, senior, or a business and follow the story of the patron who made it possible, and the recipient of the Hand Painted Musical Instrument. Stay Tuned For More Information.

To support an artist with your hard earned money is not only a financial blessing to the artist, but an incredible compliment that encourages the artist to strive even harder in their creative artwork and business. It's people like YOU that make it all possible. Thank you!   
VISIT the Juleez Website for more information.  www.juleez.com
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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