The Velvet Chronicle, founded by JD Robertson,

is creating a platform where integrity and reality prevail



About The Velvet Chronicle, founded by JD Robertson,

Who we are:

The Velvet Chronicle is a platform where integrity and reality prevail. A place where freethinkers dwell. Where positions are formed on the basis of logic and reason, rather than authority and dogma. We're committed to creating respectful discourse and thought provoking content for our readers across the globe. We currently have thousands of unique visitors each month. As we continue to build, we hope you'll continue to take part in cultivating this space.

How we are funded:

The Velvet Chronicle chooses to remain primarily funded by donations from our readers. In so doing, we aren't bound by sponsors, advertisers, nor influenced by any agenda. The survival of this platform isn't contingent on compliance with propaganda. This positions our readers, patrons, and community, as a priority.

Your contribution will help us to build our staff, improve our site, and grow our readership.

How Patreon works:

Patreon is a platform for crowdfunding where you can make a monthly donation. Think of it as a magazine subscription where you get to decide how much you'd like to pay. You can change the amount, or opt out, at any time.

Thank you for seeing the importance of the work we do and visiting us here. Please consider donating whatever you can, and in return, we'll continue to create stimulating content, and push against censorship on the left.

Julia Diana Robertson
Author, Co-Founder and Senior Editor

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