Julia Easterlin is creating Music Videos

$1 /creation
  • Access to my Patron only stream
  • Tour dates, concert tickets, special offers posted here first

$2 /creation
  • Everything form the first package, plus:
  • A high quality file of the music from the video

$10 /creation
  • Everything from the first two packages, plus: 
  • I'll follow you on twitter. Anytime you tweet me, my phone will buzz like a text. AND I shall respond in kind :)

$50 /creation
  • Everything from the first three packages, plus:
  • A monthly, invite-only google hang out. We can chat, play music, sing, dance, plan hangout meals together, etc. 

$100 /creation
  • All of the previous rewards, PLUS:
  • A handmade gift and hand-written note from me monthly. Do you like muffins? Do you like soap? Do you like collages and thank you's?