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I said I wouldn't do this, but, here I am. 

Hi. My name is Julie Borowski. I've been creating pro-liberty content online for about a decade now. For my next project, I want to do something new and create children's books. Cute, funny, educational books with a pro-liberty message that both kids and parents will love.

Why? Because kids need to hear about liberty! Most kids are not being exposed to the ideas in school or in books. Obviously, this is not good for the future of our country or world. We absolutely need more books to teach kids about individual liberty and economics so they don't grow up to be "democratic" socialists. 

I have many ideas for books. The one I'm writing right now teaches kids about the free market in a hilarious way. But creating and self-publishing a book takes money. I want to be able to hire a highly-skilled professional illustrator, an experienced editor, buy ads to promote the book, etc. 

My main source of income, right now, comes from my online store: Liberty Junkies. I sell pro-liberty shirts, mugs, and other accessories. Some people have expressed that they would rather just donate to me than buy something- so I have created this Patreon page.

If you love the idea of more pro-liberty children's books, please consider becoming a patron (or buying from my store). PLEASE ONLY GIVE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. If you can't afford your credit card bill this month, you better not donate cause you need to fix your priorities. OK? 

I will be using this page to communicate with patrons about the books. I will be posting updates and asking for your input and feedback. I would love your help in creating the best books possible to hopefully make the world more free :) 

If you don't want to use Patreon, I can accept donations on PayPal. My email is [email protected] 

Thank you for reading.

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