Julie Mannell

is creating two novels, short fiction, poetry, and experimental essays.

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About Julie Mannell

Julie Mannell is a Canadian prose and poetry author, literary critic, cultural commentator, and essayist, originally from Fonthill, Ontario. Her style has been referred to as "Southern Ontario gothic with a spark of magical realism." She holds a BA in English Literature and Philosophy from McGill University and an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Guelph.

Mannell has written for The Toronto Star, The National Post, The Huffington Post and has been featured in various radio and television programs. In 2011, she was the first female-identified author to be published in the sports publication The Barnstormer and in 2015 she was invited to read in cities across North America as a member of the Worst Case Ontario Poetry Tour. Mannell's work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Walrus, Joyland, Fiddlehead, Carousel, Arc, Vallum, The Minola Review, Matrix Magazine, Lemon Hound, The Puritan, Rusty Toque, Branch Magazine, amongst others. Her non-fiction critical essays have been published in various journals and textbooks. Her conceptual project, a poetic walking tour of Montreal, This is You Here Now (Shape&Nature Press), is available for purchase online. In 2018, Mannell collaborated with The New York Times to author two American history textbooks that will be published through Rosen Publishing in early 2019.

In 2012, Julie Mannell was awarded a fellowship position at the Summer Literary Seminars in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Lionel Shapiro Award for Excellency in Creative Writing and the Mona Adilman Poetry Prize. She was also nominated for the 2014 Journey Prize and in 2015 was awarded the Constance Rooke Scholarship and the HarperCollins Scholarship for Creating Writing by University of Guelph's MFA Creative Writing Program. During her stint as guest editor at The Town Crier in January 2016, Mannell wrote the three part viral essay Small Town Asshole to much critical acclaim. The essay series is currently taught as part of Dalhousie University's Canadian literature program where she regularly guest lectures. More recently, she was named one of the top 30 poets under 30 by In/Words Magazine and her short story Today is Cool was the most-read story in Joyland Magazine in 2017.

Julie Mannell is the Founder of The McGill Creative Writing Society. She held the title of President for three years. In this role, she facilitated weekly workshops for three years and organized panels with authors and editors from places like n+1 magazine. She currently teaches private creative writing classes in the Greater Toronto Area. 

Mannell's goal is simple. She hopes to support herself through her art. She desires to have the time to keep creating. Her current major projects are two novels. "little girls" is a novel that features a small, insular community in rural Ontario as a failed Garden of Eden. The story follows a friendship between two girls as they try to discover what kind of a woman God would be and then trying to make themselves in Her image. 

The second novel is titled "Weekending in India" and it follows a complicated romance between a Francophone anarchist and an Anglophone internet artist during the 2012 student strike in Montreal.  

Your pledges will help Julie Mannell finish her projects. Rewards for donations include workshops, having a character named after you, being listed in the acknowledgements page of her novel, and receiving individualized poems. 

In all seriousness, Julie Mannell would be very grateful for the opportunity to continue to write the stories she loves and share them with the world. Your donation would make these dreams possible. Thank you very much for the consideration and best of luck in your patronage.
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$2500 a month would allow me to comfortably cover my rent, my student loan payments, and general cost of living while being able to work on my novels, books of poetry, short stories and essays. My goal is simple. It is to be able to support myself through my art, to have the time to create and share. It is a singular goal that is simply predicated by my desire to work on my projects and be able to survive.
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