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  • HQ audio downloads of my hand-made karaoke tracks (*)
  • Sheet music of the violin melody - every time I can afford for a transcriber.

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About Julien Ando

Hi Everybody!
YOU liked my 40+ YouTube music videos and shared beautiful words of appreciation each day.
YOU will love even more the continuation of our musical journey!

Example of my work: MASHUP VIDEO

You can join me in this journey to make the channel sustainable and go to the next level with more contents, excitement and a violinist who can pursue his growth!

As we reach upper Patreon Goals, you will get :
- More music videos - "normal" and "epic"
- Sheet music and the "karaoke track"
- Original music tracks
- And much more as we could experiment new concepts.
(details in "more information" below)

I will do it by gathering around me a broad range of professionals including: music producer, video producer, (why not even) choregraphers, dancers, costume designers, ...

With your support, we can make this happen
You can now become a patron to support this journey and help us grow together. You will receive exclusive "Patron rewards" depending on what reward you choose, my endless gratitude and will make me happy. I will take care of shooting for the moon for you!

Your support can start with a single 1$ / for each music video. If you are concerned about going over your budget, you can set a monthly maximum for 1 video / month during the signup process. I usually upload 1 to 4 videos per month.

Your can easily follow your support in time as Patreon automatically notify you by email each time you are charged. You can easily change or cancel your pledge at any time.

The more support we collect, the more we will be able to do. If you cannot afford any support, please do not worry and keep smiling. I still love you all! and videos will always stay free for everyone!

Bob Marley said: "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." and I hope my music will touch everyone's heart.

For interested people: More information and F.A.Q just below!


Thank you so much for your support.
I hope to see you as a Patron. It means a lot to me.
You make this channel alive and grow.



For now, I pay for everything from my pocket to make this channel a reality - Youtube does not generate any money, with my contents getting copyright claimed. Also, as I am on my own, it takes a lot of time to produce each music video. This clearly limits the ambition of the contents I am able to give you. Still, this is my passion and my only wish is to be able to continue this journey and push it even further.

Your support will :
• Make my life less stressful, allows this journey to be sustainable and go further.

• Allow investing in new audio (plugins & others), video equipments and courses required for creating better contents.

• Allow hiring someone to transcribe the melody I play on violin into sheet music.

• As soon as possible, we will make a "greater leap" by hiring a person and then an amazing team of professionals to unlock creativity, possibilities and make "epic" music videos.

• Funds new projects/ideas, that are yet to come along the way as the vision will get clearer - Also, I would love to hear your suggestions at anytime! (Examples: creating a new series of video lessons, time for creating original music tracks, sending me to perform in charity events, ...) 

You already showed me how awesome you are with your reactions, all your kind comments and making this channel grow from less than 1,000 to around 4,000 subscribers in a few months! By becoming a patreon you will have an even greater impact by sustaining and developping the channel with me!

Finally, I can only promise you that I will always give my only best in whatever I pursue and aim as high as possible.

Thank you again, your support really helps a lot.
Julien Ando - ジュリアン 安藤

More about me:

I am under 16 - 18 years old but still want to support you!
Thank you so much! Just one thing, please get your parents approval before using their credit cards. If you need to convince them, you could for instance tell them more about me, show them my music and the journey you want to support!

How many music videos will you release a month?
For now, I release 1 to 4 music videos per month. If you are concerned about going over your budget, you can set a monthly maximum for instance of 1 video / month during the signup process.

Can I stop pledging at anytime?
YES - you can change or cancel your pledge whenever you want.

Do I have to pay for Vlog videos or non-music videos?
NO - Vlog videos are not considered as a "music video". And in general, I will NOT charge you for a video that does not deserve your support! (ex. a bad quality video from a live recording session)

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
NO - you can pay in any currency. It will be automatically converted by the website.

I have a technical issue. Who should I contact?
If you encounter any problems related to the website (signup process, payment, etc.) you can send a message directly to the Patreon team by clicking here.
If you want to ask me something, you can send me a message on my Facebook Page by clicking here.

From my YouTube Channel & Facebook




$540 of $800 per null
Improving Equipments
When we hit this amount, we'll be able to start investing in new audio ("plugins" used in music production are really expensive) and visual equipments. I would also be able to take online courses to improve various aspects of production.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 107 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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