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About Juls Amor ♥


Juls ♥ Amor, M.A. Clinical Psychology, Biofeedback Therapist, Tree Talker, Cannabis Shaman and Activist lives in Costa Rica where she finds her creative inspiration in nature. 

Juls' first publish The Year of the Frog is a unique work full of hidden meaning and vicarious healing. Juls details her account seeking her own therapy after she left her private practice in Texas during what she calls her "Midlife Awakening". She abruptly moved to Costa Rica, traveling often to Peru seeking unconventional healing in plant medicines that she describes in vivid detail in The Year of the Frog, along with candid stories of "kissing frogs", thus the title. In the end, she found true love in the most sacred place, and the reader is left with an aha moment that for many has been life changing. The book received a Reader's Favorite award and continues to sale on Amazon where it has 5 Star Reviews. 

Juls will be publishing PachaMama Prattle by the end of the year. She is working with a filmmaker on a documentary about this book full of her unbelievable stories connecting and conversing with Nature. "PachaMama" means Mother Earth in Quechua and "Prattle" long talk in a foolish way, which is how Juls describes the interpretation of the language, vibration of nature, at times seeming quite foolish and lengthy. This book contains the best techniques she has found work best with her HRV biofeedback clients to induce a state of high heart coherence and homeostasis, the optimum state of health for peak performance and conscious creating. PachaMama Prattle is a remarkable work containing Meditative Poetry, Nature Re-connection Exercises and stories of unbelievable interactions with everything from trees to dragonflies and even monkeys. (Not actual cover. Become a Patron to see the artist reveal and help me choose covers, read my drafts and have your name printed inside with gratitude)

Miss Amor has another book about evolution, epigenetics, past lives and the Quantum Model of Reality. This book steps way out there as Juls describes her remembering of past lives and remembering our true potential as alchemist to consciously create. She calls the book The Rememberers as it was her son when he was quite young that told her this is who we are, "the rememberers, remembering our past lives to remember our power". (Become a Patron to read the draft, write a review and be entered in a drawing to have your review and name printed on the back outside cover!)

Juls is working to finish her documented case study account of Cannabis use and experimentation called The Cannabis Papers. This hilarious book accounts her own twist in perspective going from a drug counselor in Texas against marijuana, to her first time experimentation, research, work as a "trimmigrant" on an illegal farm, recipes, Shamanic ceremonial use and how she incorporates it today as an important part of her therapeutic practice in Costa Rica at Bare Feet her wellness center in her ocean view garden hut full of flowers and honey bees. (Become a Patron to read this draft and be entered in a drawing to visit my wellness center Bare Feet in Costa Rica!)

Juls is proud to be one of the first psychoactive psychotherapists, following Freud of course. The Cannabis Papers is a play on Sigmund Freud's famous account of his experimentation with cocaine in his practice called The Cocaine Papers. Juls Amor's The Cannabis Papers is sure to be an eye opener full of truth and humor for this important time in reclaiming the worth and medicinal power of Mother Earth. ♥ 

It has not been easy knowing your heart desires creativity in world rewarding productivity. This site, Patreon, is a dream for Juls as it has been her deepest desire to create a life she can focus on creating.  Having creative geniuses support each other is a huge shift for a future honoring artistry. Thank you for supporting creative hearts.