is creating YouTube Gaming content: namely strategy games like Civ!

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Tier 1 - Pocket Change

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This tier really is pocket change. Like, oh! Look! I found three coins in the pocket of those white skinny jeans I bought when I thought it was a good idea to wear white jeans and I thought I was skinny. 

By donating literally the cost of half a cup of coffee you're helping to directly support the channel. All generous profit will be invested into better microphones, gear, cameras, etc. etc. etc. 
  • Direct Funding for the Channel

Tier 2 - The JumboPixels

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Ok, hotshot... so you're donating three days coffee for this! Jeepers. 

This is the best level of support. Not only are you helping me, but you'll also get an exclusive link to the Discord and you'll have first dibs at any Q&A or similar content where the viewers decide!
  • Direct Funding for the Channel
  • Priority Support and Discord!

Tier 3 - Madness

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This one, to be honest, is a bit of a laugh.If anybody was ever generous enough to do this they would definitely have a city named after them on stream!

Seriously though this one isn't for the feint of heart. Please stay within your means. 

I really, really appreciate you and those who opted for this tier as YouTube channel members! You rock. You can also make fan requests - and I will deliver for you! Let me know :)
  • Direct Funding for the Channel
  • Priority Support and Discord!
  • Fan requests




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About JumboPixel

I'm a YouTube Partner and massive Civilization fan! I play strategy games, make tutorial guides and have fun live on stream!

I also host the periodic "Press to Respawn" podcast, and some chill streams on my lesser-known Twitch channel

You being here, reading, listening, or whatever else you're doing - it means the world.
Thank you.

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