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You shouldn't have. No, really, you shouldn't have.
You will regret this
I can do some pretty cool stuff with a dollar man
Your name will be in either the description of my videos, or the end of the actual video itself, along with, if you choose, a custom image or avatar to show yourself off.
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I'm sorry I had to meme you like that.
But, for real, thank you.
If I end up making some silly discord server, you can get a SPECIAL!!! rank on there, I guess.
D*ng H*ckers
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That is a lincoln right there. A lincoln that, honestly, I do not deserve. Thank you so much, man. Or... Not, man...?
at this point, I'll personally add you on steam, skype, or whatever service you so wish. I'll chat with you, and we can become best buds, only for me to friendzone you, because, "I can't handle that kind of commitment."




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About Joj

Honestly? I am a humble fat man who just REALLY enjoys video games, as well as creating videos and livestreams on the topic of video games.
I also rather enjoy making very strange youtube poops, animations, and MAYYYYBE?!? music (maybe)
I doubt I'll ever be popular enough to warrant any use of this page, but you never know.
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Me first dollar!
Thanks, my dude!
I'll pop open a cold (non-alcoholic) one in your honor!
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