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Empowered YA
$5 or more per month patrons
You are the smart YAs who are checking the lay of the land first before stepping out of the nest.  Supporting Just Do It Afraid will benefit not only you but hopefully millions of YA in the future to gain the confidence they need to face the adult world. 

You can expect to get access to: 

  • 2 video lessons per month on a key life skill
  • Interactive group discussions with Dr. Linda
  • Monthly summary of key points from lessons & discussion
  • A monthly shout-out to new patrons who sign on

Student Debt Crushers
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Crush your student loan debt with personalize mentorship from Dr. Linda on college financial aid/federal student aid. Particularly beneficial if you need help managing your student loans as well as getting out of default. 

You can expect to get access to all rewards at tier 1 and:

  • 1 monthly, one on one session with Dr. Linda, upon request, on anything regarding college financial aid including student loans
  • Each session will take place via email and/or online chat link.
  • Each session length up to 30 minutes