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Since YouTube decided to make its platform about secrets, popularity, and clicks the Just For Now YouTube channel experience is dedicated to some old school ideas & ideals. Just like back in the days of the underground music scene, unknown artists would play at venues only open for one or two nights in an unknown location and then before you know it they'd be gone. This channel/experience is somewhat like that. Only by word of mouth will you know that the next video is up & it will be uploaded on an entirely new channel called Just For Now2. Every video thereafter a new number will be assigned to each new video. Video submissions for new artists & creators can be submitted to Twitter at https://twitter.com/justfornowyt or by email at [email protected] if you'd like to be apart of this project. You can choose to pay a door cover donation to the team that makes these videos possible, if you so wish, for just $3 a month!!!!

Thanks for participating & watching!!!

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