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Five Bucks

$5 /mo
- Complete Script And Pitch Archive. Every script and pitch I have, which is ALL my published work AND a bunch of stuff no one has ever seen. Plus this is updated so that you get to read some stuff...

Ten Bucks

$10 /mo
- Everything at the previous level, of course.

- The Justin Jordan Comicbooking School. Basically, I’ll be posting a series of lessons and essays about everything I know about telling stori...

Twenty Bucks

$20 /mo
- Everything at the previous levels, and….

- A monthly Q and A with me, where I’ll answer ALMOST any question. Honestly, I can’t think of questions I won’t answer, but I feel confident in ...

Fifty Bucks

$50 /mo
- All that other stuff AND....

- A signed copy of everything I produce in a month, every month. Singles. Trades. Hardcovers. You name it. This is probably limited to the continental US unl...