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About Justin McRoberts

One of the most life-altering practices in my 20+ years helping lead a faith community was what we called "Signs of Life." We'd pass a mic to anyone in the room willing to say, with some degree of clarity and courage, "I think I see God in the world around me. Here's where and how..." There were definitely some uncomfortable moments. And that was to be expected; Church was usually more... controlled.  But even those uncomfortable moments added to the practice of listening. We heard things we didn't expect and then learned to hear Goodness, Truth and Beauty in those stories. We also learned to let go of some of the expectations that kept us from recognizing the Divine in the lives of others. 

- We learned to listen
- We learned to ask questions
- We learned to ask better questions
- We learned to listen to the answers and expect more
- Over time, we learned to expect to see our own lives, jobs, neighborhoods, etc… more. 

My intention with the @ Sea podcast, continue the practice of listening for Signs of Life. 

I get to do that by handing a microphone to women and men who are saying, both word and deed "I see Goodness, Truth and Beauty here," or even something so daring and "I see God here" and then having the wherewithal to make something.

  1. Research: One of the biggest differences between good podcasts and great ones is research. Your support frees up my time and provides resources, helping me to forge partnerships that will deepen and enrich the work I am doing. 
  2. Tech - I've been basically using mics and gear I’ve had laying around and would love to enhance the overall listener experience. 
  3. Web Presence - Great partners like Tickyboom Design and Portnoy Media have generously helped set up a nice little corner of the internet for @ Sea. Your support would allow us to provide more of the additional info, images and bonus material mentioned above and dream even bigger! 
  4. Music - I’d like to feature work from artists I listen to with each episode.  I'd love to not just provide these artists with "exposure," but also pay for their art.

Season 1 guests included:
- Gene Luen Yang, busbee, Michael Wear, Jars of Clay, Michael McBride, Jeremy Courtney of The Preemptive Love Coalition, David Bazan and Katelyn Beaty

Season 2 included:
David Dark, Audrey Assad, Propaganda, Ryan O'Neil (Sleeping At Last), Mark Labberton, Michael Wear (return visit), Daniel White Hodge, Dr. Todd Allen, Hanif Abdurraquib and Julie Bindel.

Season 3 included:
Dominique Gilliard, Sandra McCracken, Carlos Whittaker, Jeremy Cowart, Michael McBride, Matt Shotwell, Scott Erickson, Jonathan Merritt, Matt Mikalatos, and Jer Swigart of the The Global Immersion Project.

Season 4 will include: Jen Hatmaker, Aaron Neiquist, Effrem Smith, Andrew Osenga, Audrey Assad (returning) and many more... 


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 39 exclusive posts

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