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About K84

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Hello everyone and thanks in advance for getting here.

These are the games that you can find here

One night with Caroline (FULL)
Quiz with Nicole (FULL)
Kelly's Family: Mother in law (FULL)
Mike'Obsession (FULL)
A different Summer VN (In development)

Kelly's Family: Older sister in law (In development)

I just discovered Patreon and found it fascinating. I have been trying to create games, graphics and 3D rendering for a long time and have always been housed in the PCs of four friends and little else. I love to see how they work and things are done, that's why I decided to learn how to touch up with Photoshop, Gimp, manage Blender, Renpy, Contruct2 and lately Daz Studio. Almost everything I do from Linux with the problem of incompatibilities that entails.

I decided to enter this platform to see if the games I make are good or simply a hobby that continue to polish, like English, a language which I'm no expert and I would great a help with translations

Last games in progress... 
A different summer and Kelly's Family: Sister-in-law:

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Kelly's Family: Older sister-in-law :
Main Menu

71% complete
[ENG] With this money would update PC components and may acquire more 3D material for new scenes and characters. My old HDD Sata2 (500GB) and my graphics card Radeon HD7700 (1GB) are more than outdated, it don't give any fluid handling 3D software and less for a decent and fast rendering.
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