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Get super exclusive access to The Karrin Rachelle Diaries--Monthly photos, and or videos, and or blogs, and or vlogs, and or interviews, and or musings about what's really going on in my life, and ...

I sniff Karrin Rachelle's pantyhose/thigh-highs/socks/etc ..

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I sniff Karrin Rachelle's pantyhose/socks/etc .. 1 very worn signed pantyhose/socks/etc shipped to you each month (All different types of pantyhose/thigh-highs/socks and more ..) .. plus all previo...


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Receive 1 signed picture and or poster and or magazine of Karrin Rachelle each month, plus all previous rewards.


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Swag is on the way! At this level, you'll get a patron-only super customized by me just for you signed shirt, plus all previous rewards.


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Every month, you and I will hang out in some kind of a one on one call, we will exchange text messages, and instant messages too if you like at least a couple times a month, plus all previous rewards.


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Every month, you and I will hang out on a one on one video chat, plus all previous rewards.

I have tea with KARRIN RACHELLE

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We'll go for tea (I don't drink straight up coffee anyways.) once a month in Vegas, plus all previous rewards.

I work with model KARRIN RACHELLE

$970 /mo
It's best to message me with all your details, links, and information first. This is for actual professional photographers of quality, magazines, brands, designers, stylists, stores, artists, body ...

I dictate Karrin Rachelle's photoshoots ..

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I have a few extremely top-notch of course professional photographers/videographers/graphic designers/designers/directors/producers/stylists/stores/brands/magazines/pr people/salons/makeup artists ...