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Early Access to Comics

$1 /mo
You will receive early access to each new strip of the "A Girl and Her Fed" webcomic before it goes live on the website.

Wallpapers and Extras

$2.50 /mo
In addition to early access to the comic, you'll receive new mobile device wallpapers at least once a month, access to all expired wallpapers, plus digital art (SFW pinup pieces, etc.).

Daily Puns

$5 /mo
You will receive all rewards at the lower levels, plus terrible, terrible puns five days a week. Sometimes these are NSFW jokes. Other times, these feature Dick and Martha, stick figures who will o...

Bonus Content

$10 /mo
All rewards at the lower levels, plus! (1) Access to Disasterhouse posts one week before they are posted to the blog; and (2) Access to information about works-in-progress. This includes sneak peek...

Adult Content

$10.50 /mo
Exclusive Adult-only content! Supporters who back at this level get access to pinups and Patreon-exclusive prose short stories, as well as all content offered at the lower tiers.

What? Really? WOW!

$25 /mo
Wow, really? Thank you! This includes all rewards at the lower level, plus early access to .pdfs of the novels before they go on sale!

I'll also send you a hand-drawn thank you card with som...