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Step into Freedom with Us!

If 250 patrons donate $3 a month our taxes are covered! (YES taxes ARE that high!)

We aren't a non-profit which means that we aren't tax-exempt. We get to support the local economy without adding an extra burden to Hartford, which has far too much non-taxable property. 

You (along  with your 249 other friends) and your $3 allows us to support our community on both the front AND back end!

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A physical KCC Certificate stating that you're a member of our metaphoric community here on Patreon!

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Step into the Garden!

Our healing garden is a beautiful place to connect, re-set and BE!

Our garden is open to all KCC members and patrons as well as the humans in the community who need the sanctuary and space to reflect that this oasis provides.

 $5 per month goes towards to upkeep of the garden and the healing plants that make it the beautiful retreat that it is. It will also allow us to offer small stipends to the community  members who volunteer to serve in the garden.

AND you'll receive:

A physical KCC Certificate stating that you're a member of our metaphoric community here on Patreon!

Access to our monthly podcast.

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Connect with Ideas!

We all have a lot to say and need to be saying it to each other!

$7 goes towards supporting our weekly community conversations. 

We're partnering with pretty much every and any one who wants to hold a community conversation; as long as the topic isn't inflammatory for the sake of being inflammatory, we want to provide a space to talk about it.

Our idea is that hosting these conversations  weekly will create a cross-section of humans showing up for topics that they may have never considered conversation worthy, thus leading to a rich and varied conversation. 

And what can help that conversation along? The bookstore curated by our community partner Key Books! 

Yup! For every community conversation, Key will curate books that will add to the topic  of the evening, and the labor that goes into creating these unique conversations costs; stipends and travel for speakers, childcare during the conversation, the heat in the room...

We've figured out how to accomplish quite a few of our nerd life fantasies with this one, come play along!

AND you'll receive:

A physical KCC Certificate stating that you're a member of our metaphoric community here on Patreon!

Access to our monthly podcast.

Online access to these amazing community conversations!




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About Kamora's Cultural Corner


I’ve been doing this thing called life for a bit now and somewhere along the way developed a life mission of “existing to create spaces where families are free to love their children”, which sounds wonderfully lofty, and is, but requires concrete work; a great deal of this work is the soul work that doesn’t have a funding stream. This is where you come in.


As someone who worked in the non-profit world for a VERY long time, I realized that the need to prove to funders that your work has been effective often created places where we had to do work that might not make life-long changes, but would definitely fit nicely into the 12 month grant cycle.

Over the last few years, Kamora’s Cultural Corner just happened…on my back porch, I live on a corner, it just happened. From my own workshops and trainings and consultations, it became real. Along with working for a non-profit I was growing my own liberation side hustle into a viable entity, but I was adamant about not becoming yet another non-profit that would take up space in my beautiful capital city, while not paying taxes that Hartford so desperately needs.

Anyway, in 2019 the Kabbalah House reached out and offered me the chance to give the KCC a physical location (outside of my back porch) and I jumped! I can now offer the same list of cultural humility classes and workshops that I've been offering, and now I can really add to the Brave Spaces part by bringing divergent and diverse groups of folks together using all of the ways and tools available.
SO now we are here, ready to jump up and do the damn thing!

What is the damn thing? A lot. We approach cultural humility through a Black Queer perspective, and create and navigate Brave Spaces with the intention of building and supporting organic community connections. How do we do this? Just watch. You’ll love what you see!


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