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About Karli Biondini-Towt aka KDVal

Hello! I'm a cartoonist, and author who needs to constantly put out art and writing in order to stay sane keep my skills sharp!

Why Patreon?
I want to both support a game I am creating and also work towards making my creative goals more than just a hobby. I especially want to be able to spend more time working on cartoons and stories to entertain people and I want to be able to help support our family in doing this.

With your pledge, you can get first looks at pieces that I've created (before they are posted on tumblr!), links to streams of some of my original stories, and WIPs of artwork for games, comics, and fanart that I am working on!

About Auratus Ghoti
For the one who supported he Auratus Ghoti version of this Patreon, the comic will stay up here as well (and who knows, there might be some updates added here when more programming work is done!)
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