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is creating Books, Artwork, Short Stories, and Games eventually.

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Window Shoppers Anonymous

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  • Early access to speedpaints.
  • Sneak peek photos of upcoming releases.
  • Early WIP access and final works.
  • Shout out in speedpaints.
  • Patron-only polls.

Keeping Us Caffinated

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  • Access to Tutorials.
  • Funny caricature of your character.
  • Process/behind-the-scenes background notes and ideas for books.
  • Plus all previous rewards.

Mystery Book Boxes

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Mystery Book Boxes are comprised of up to three used and new books collected from sources local to MP’s main office (Madison, Alabama) and affiliated publishers. 

  • Boxes will be sent out at the beginning of each month. 
  • Each box will be unique and follow a theme based on the patron’s genre preferences.
  • You vote for what Clockworkjoker draws for the next month.
  • Background information on aliens/original races, sources of inspiration, book character bios and story timeline from K. E. Ireland.
  • Discord chat group for Q&A with K. E. Ireland, Clockworkjoker and other fans of the series.
  • Plus all previous rewards.
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About K. E. Ireland and Clockworkjoker

This Patreon is a group effort by K. E. Ireland and Clockworkjoker. K.E.Ireland does the writing while Clockworkjoker does the artwork. There's some crossover between them in the form of sketches, coloring, or story ideas, though.

Message from Clockworkjoker:
I have many goals as an artist, one of which is creating a graphic novel and sharing it with people. With your support, I intend to bring it to life and publish it along with many others. All of the funds raised on Patreon will go to me and continuing to create content. Even one dollar a month will help me.

Message from K. E. Ireland:
AKA, Clockworkjoker needs a new computer and this will probably help fund that. ;) 
Personally... I have a dream of starting a cat cafe in my area. I already have a location in mind, but I'm going to have to buy it and that's going to take cash. Which I don't have. :<

Thank you~
$0.91 of $500 per month
To be honest, this is just to get some cash flow into Moirae Publishing in order to advertise more and attract more authors to publish with us. Anything is better than nothing. Besides, we have some great perks.
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