K.I.A. is creating ambitious conceptual sculptures, installations & paintings

$1 /mo
Thanks for believing in art!

$4 /mo
I will give you the inside scoop on ideas & projects I'm working on, with exclusive studio shots or secret webpages. I'll include your name in a shoutout across FB, Twitter, IG, etc (optional.)

$10 /mo
Inside scoop as above. PLUS a t-shirt with an applied sew-on of your choice of an artwork title ("Deadbeef Atomicraf...

$15 /mo
All the above, and: I'll work your personal name creatively into the title of an artwork. As in "Acceleration, Peter Brant, Still" or "Charles Saatchi Descending a Staircase", but better.

$50 /mo
Shirt, title,  plus a champagne & hor d'ouvres studio-visit (Toronto).

$100 /mo
Shirt, title, PLUS:  a small original artwork, around 11 x 14" (shipping not included)

$500 /mo
Shirt, title, plus an original artwork, mid-size, around 24 x 30"  (shipping not included)

$1,000 /mo
Shirt, title, visit, plus a LARGE painting around 84" x 60"  (shipping not included)