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You may be soft, pure and adorable, but we both know why you are here: the boobies.

Tier contains:

  • NSFW contents, references and anatomy studies.
    (2-3 posts per month)
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Why take only one tier when you can have TWO?

Tier contains:

  •  Les-bean contents


  • Occasional LLM inedited sketches and sneak peeks
  • HD download of wallpapers and phone screen-locks (2 posts per month)
  • Link to one monthly streaming where to keep me company while I sketch/work (Q&A allowed, english and italian languages only)
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I was about to make some pans-related joke, but sweet rewards deserve sweet names.

Tier contains:

  • Les-bean contents
  • BI the way contents


  • One monthly custom request, choosing between:
    - a simple sketch b&w (half body, nsfw or sfw) with one character of your choice
    - One reference pose, max 2 characters, nsfw or sfw
    - Personalized chibi avatar, colored, free to use

    (Note: I'll contact you in the first week of the month to ask your request, which you should give me at the latest by the 15th of the month. If you don't, I won't be able to do your request. Please be accurate with your descriptions.
    I'll send your finished request the last week of the month, .jpg format in HD quality.)




Hi guys! Thank you for coming so far into my fantastic world of... boobies, vaginas, penises and generally folks doing the do.
Yes, that's mostly what this Patreon is about. But hey, it's all inclusive, I promise!
Jokes aside, I'm Kiki! I'm an italian digital artist and co-author of the webcomic "Looks Like Me" (www.lookslikemewebcomic.com) with CrazyKinoko. I occasionally work as character designer and digital illustrator, but what I like the most is to create motivational comics and art.
On this Patreon page you will find wips from my original works, LOTS of uncensored nsfw art (smutty references included), some bonus sketches from LLM, occasional recordings of my work, and a monthly streaming link where to keep me company with Q&A while I sketch!

<h5>A HUGE THANK YOU to anyone interested into supporting me!</h5>I wish to make Patreon a great part of my daily job, so that I can keep self-producing my art, create unique gadgets and prints for my stand at comic cons, and... well, provide for food to me and my three awesome cats. Yes, that too.

Hope you like my works~
Love ya!

8% complete
This goal will give me the opportunity to print my first sketchbook, a collection of NSFW motivational art about sexual orientation and identities (which will be free to download for all Patrons!).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 35 exclusive posts

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