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Hold up, who the heck are you?

I love the movies. Always have. And I love every aspect of the movies, from the big theories to the little trivia. And I especially love the strangest, most opaque, most bizarre, and most baffling movies out there.

And I want to share that love with you. Oh, my name is Kyle, by the way. Should have led with that.

Oh, and you can see my stuff here:

Brows Held High's Channel

What's this "Brows Held High" thing?

Brows Held High is a semi-satirical movie review show about heady, foreign, independent, limited release... let's just call them "arthouse" movies that I find fascinating enough to talk about for a living. I discuss and (attempt to) explain films by Derek Jarman, Lars Von Trier, Peter Greenaway, Ken Russell, Nicolas Roeg and all sorts of other people you haven't heard of, but ought to. It's a long string of actual analysis punctuated with the occasional Marvel comics reference. It's partly educational, partly comedy, and entirely fun.

Here's an example - Jafar Panahi's This Is Not a Film: the most inspiring home movie ever made.

And what's this other show, "Between the Lines?"

That's a shorter-form show all about my wild tangents on various pop culture subjects. I've explained poetry using Beatles lyrics, told the history of the freak show in the context of Honey Boo Boo, and used Batman as a launching pad to talk about the symbolism of the bat in world mythology. Basically, putting pop culture in context.

Example: here's me talking aboutInception and its relationship to surrealist film:

So, why should I chip in?

By becoming a patron, you will be actively improving the quality of my work. I've been doing this successfully for about four years now, but I still need your help. Each video takes a LOT of time to edit and even more time to properly research. And that time is money. By donating a small amount per video you help keep the show afloat, and you, the viewer, get a better researched, better edited, all around better experience. Everything you contribute will go directly to improving this show.

Okay. What's in it for me?

Oh! I nearly forgot about the rewards!

Donating a certain amount will entitle you to certain rewards - the details of which can be found below.
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