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  • Podcast rundowns prior to airing and the opportunity to get your question into the Mailbag early.
  • Entry to Patreon quizzes and events
  • New subscribers will also receive a shoutout on the weekly K League United Podcast!

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In addition to the benefits provided to K3 Champions, K League 2 Champions will also gain access to:
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  • Podcast extras such as early access to additional episodes, and exclusive access to extended and uncut player interviews
  • Behind the scenes videos, team sheets from the press box, and more!

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Champions League Champions get everything in the K1 Champion tier, plus:

  • Become an official sponsor of K League United.
  • From product placement, to advertising space, to plugs and mentions on air, the Champions League tier is everything an expanding business needs to grow their share in the market with a website that is as ambitious as K League United.
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  • Other ways in which products and services can be promoted can be discussed in greater detail upon request. 
  • Segment sponsorships include: 
    • Podcast mailbag
    • Live videos
    • Pre-match videos
    • Post-match videos



About K League United

여기서 한국어 번역 가능

At K League United we strive to make the highest quality content possible in terms of analysis, production value, and a consistent release schedule. All of us involved in this continually expanding project have day jobs, and our goal through Patreon is to help allow us to give K League United, and its amazing readers and listeners, more of the time they deserve.

K League United (KLU) has been covering the top two divisions of Korean football and the national team in detail since 2015. In that time, we’ve seen our community grow from one writer covering the Jeonnam Dragons to nearly 20 writers covering the league in as much detail as possible. Along with the increased editorial coverage has come the KLU community, which has grown to over 7,000+ followers across all social media channels. That may seem small by other league’s standards, but our dedicated readers and viewers have already changed the course of our content (and our lives) in ways we never could have imagined!

This amazing community, YOU the dedicated Korean football fans, are already the people we create our content for, and we hope to continue doing so for as long as we can. We have turned down numerous advertising sponsorships over the years for companies and entities that we wouldn’t personally want to hear about or have clogging up our newsfeed, and we didn’t think you would either. Instead, we want to continue making content because we care about making something you find interesting and valuable.

With your support, we plan to create new and exciting articles, podcasts, videos, and much much more to keep spreading the word about K League and strengthening the Asian football community.

The K League United Patreon is your chance to:
  • Help us make K League United content possible!
    • Your financial support will allow us to make the time in our lives to write, produce, and release the best content we possibly can. With your help, we can finally stop dwindling away our savings on equipment, hosting fees, and travel costs and just spend our time making the best content we can.
  • Interact with us in new and exclusive ways.
    • From a peek behind the curtain at our operations to suggesting live show and podcast topics, we plan on engaging with you more directly.
    • K2 Champion Patrons will get access to an exclusive monthly live group chat held here on Patreon where we’ll talk about your team, answer your questions, and just hang out and talk about K League and Asian football.
    • We will also be hosting exclusive 5-10 minute pod extras where we talk about any topic of your choosing.
  • Support Local Football
    • As an official sponsor of FC INT's and the Seoul Saturday Soccer League, we are already putting resources directly into grass roots football and would love your help to do even more!
  • Get exclusive KLU swag!
    • Over the years we’ve had a lot of inquires about the kits we wear during our live videos as well as the possibility of more merch, and we’ve decided to give it to you!
  • Become a direct sponsor!
    • Champions League level Patreons will become an official sponsor of the podcast, live shows, pre-match, or post-match videos and much more.
    • From product placement, to advertising space, to plugs and mentions on air, the Champions League tier is everything an expanding business needs to grow their share in the market with a website that is as ambitious as K League United.

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