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Funding my little space program you support - "boost" - me creating my free informational and hopefully also entertaining content. This is mostly related to my kNews series on YouTube but also selfmade renders and other things I share on Twitter for example. kNews is just the place you will get credit for your support! Yes, your name will be part of my videos for many years to come!




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Updated on March 10th 2019
(reason: to get rid of the wall of text. It was just too much unecessary information I think)

Hey guys, I'm Lukas from Germany and I run a YouTube channel and Twitter where I create space related content that is informational - sort of like traditional news just a little more indepth - with an artistic and entertaining twist. I can't believe it myself but it has almost been 6 years now! Crazy!

While I focus on space and what is going there, my main goal is to actually spoil you with epic original content to create more demand for it, which shall not only benefit myself but the whole animation community. I just want more people to get into animation in general and try to encourage everyone by showing that it exists. Especially those of you who maybe can't afford expensive equiptment or don't like to be infront of it. Not everyone likes to put his face on camera. Welcome to the club! ;)

The software I use is Blender ( and it's absolutely free and even runs on on old hardware. So, as long as you can get your hands on a computer you will be able to create something awesome! I can assure you it is a great feeling to create something that did previously only exist in your head!

Producing content like I do commercially has a big flipside and that is getting noticed. I'm not exactly sure about the reasons but it seems like YouTube doesn't like to promote content it can't relate anything else to - maybe because there's nothing like it? It's speculative but I have some hopes that this will get better in the future and I guess the best way is to simply produce more of it!

If you like space, animation and what I do please consider supporting me via Patreon. This is crowdfunding and no amount is too little. If everyone of my viewers would just give me a daim I'd be doing this full time! I'm not a great sales man and I doubt my channel will ever sustain itself through other means. You're my only hope! Thank you very much everyone!

Best Regards,
Lukas aka.

PS. If you have any question you really want me to answer or message you want me to see just send me an e-mail. I read and answer all of them! Any kind of criticism is welcome and highly appreciated. In the end, I can only do things better when I know they are wrong :) Just by the way: I do not safe your e-mail address or share them with third parties. There is only one rule: No e-mail attachments! I can not risk to click on emails from strangers that contain files. I hope you understand that!
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I know I put the bar quite high but reaching this goal I will go "all in" and quit everything else to focus on making videos! If you like what I do that's the best way to keep me going! I need your support because I don't see my kind of videos to ever support themselves via ad revenue or other means. I also don't want to change my content to apeal to a much broader audience to be honest. I like it cosy so that I can answer all your questions and read all your comments! Thanks everyone!
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