Kurt S Avard is creating Culture (Er, I mean Fiction)

$1 /mo
For those peppy people out there... Thank you for strapping on your best pair of walking shoes. You may not yet be climbing the mountain, but I promise you that I am thinking of your generosity eve...

$3 /mo
For those who tread on these steps... A well crafted thank you note, a hearty digital handshake, and my regards for your support of my work.

$6 /mo
For those brave souls who ascend to these heights... The previous reward as well as a cheerful tweet and shout-out on my Twitter account thanking you for your generous heart.

$10 /mo
For the foolhardy ones who have made it to this summit... I will put your likeness and name into a story. However, like Shakespeare when HE worked with his patrons, I make no promise as to...

$20 /mo
For the debate-ably deranged who have made it to this level, I will train you in the mystical ways of Kurtish mysticism. You will get the opportunity to plan out a short story, have your likeness i...

$30 /mo
For the ludicrously plucky who crawl all the way to this summit, I will guarantee a memorable death in a shorter text, and the very strong possibility of becoming a character in my next no...