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About K.T. Hanna

Hi all!
I’m an Australian expat living in Kansas since 2007. I met my husband in an MMORPG in 2005 and moved to the other Oz where at least all living creatures aren’t trying to kill me. Although, I do have dogs and cats who own me, so you know... it is what it is.

I write all the things that come into my head, even the scary ones. It’s therapeutic, I swear.
Currently, I have fourteen (14) books out in the world as well as a collection of short stories, and am working on increasing that number.

My post-apocalyptic science fiction series: The Domino Project is a trilogy.
SomniaOnline is my 7 book completed LitRPG series.
Last Chance currently has 2 of 3 books available - to be completed in 2022.
System Apocalypse: Australia has 2 books out (as of Feb 2022) and is co-written with Tao Wong. More to be published in 2022.
There’s also my short story collection: Flashes of Strange, and my twisty, weird, and quite dark Peter Pan twist: Darling.

Tentative 2022 Publishing/Writing Schedule:
System Apocalypse Australia Co-written with Tao Wong
Progress and Tentative Releases
Book 1 Complete
Book 2 In Progress
Book 3 To Start Feb 2022 - end March 2022

Book 3 May

Book 1 - 11/01/2021
Book 2 - 02/01/2022
Book 3 - Tentative 06/01 2022

K.T.'s solo works:

Last Chance - Book 3
Outlining - In Progress
Drafting 2022
Projected Release: End 2022/Beg 2023

World Building - Done
Outlining - In Progress
Drafting - Beginning End Feb/Beg March 2022
Tentative Projected Release: August 2022
I have several other projects floating around in my brain, but for now these are the main ones on my list.

I can also be found in the following places:
Website: https://kthanna.com
Facebook: Worlds of KTHanna
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KTHanna
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kt_hanna/

Important Stuff:

As of January 1, 2021 I have added an audio book tier to the list. This is a very limited tier, but I do know how much people love audio books so I hope it appeals to everyone.

International (non-US Mainland)
Please note that shipping is extra expensive internationally.
If your tier means you receive a physical book from me, you must remain at that pledge level for two months before I ship items to you. Should a book come out during that time, you will receive it from me after those two months are up.

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Yes, you can! Go to your icon on the top right-hand side of your screen and click on manage memberships. Voila! Here you are.

How do I give you money?
Patreon accepts both Paypal and Credit Card. You can add either or both to your account. But remember: Patreon will decline the pledge if the funds are not available.

Can I cancel my pledge?
Of course – please see this video on how to do this.

Thank you so much for everything!

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I want to have maps drawn, and characters sketched. Not only for Somnia, but for all of my work. Hitting this goal will give me the guts I need to pursue more of the stories milling around in my brain. Thank you!
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