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For four consistent years we have been providing a platform to advance consciousness to all corridors of the planet. We have brought forth some of the most profound minds to bring attention to some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. All of this has been done with little recompense. Now is the time to expand our multimedia operations into the realm of video/documentary style production. Our goal is to take our audio content and translate it into video format so we can reach a larger populous of viewers. Our ultimate goal is to not only take our content and commercialize it, but we want to create an online learning institution that our guest lecturers can utilize to further educate the listeners/viewers. There is an unprecedented amount of propaganda being force fed to the people of the world, in real time. What Know The Ledge Media represents is an alternative to the propaganda. Your funding will help support these efforts.
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Our goal is to create an online university platform that our listeners can continue their education on. Our various guest lecturers represent different schools of thought and fields of interest. Our listeners/viewers often request to know more about these various schools of thought. We need an operational budget to create this dynamic online university. We need the software that wlll facilitate a smoother learning experience and we also need hardware to film/interview/edit/produce the segments that will become the online curriculum for our students. This is a magnanimous undertaking and it cannot be actualized without the support of those who stand to benefit the most.  
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