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You are awesome!  Therefore, you gain access to my Patron exclusive posts which will include behind the scenes information about my projects.
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You are amazing! You get everything from the $1 tier as well as access to a modded Minecraft server that I will play on occasionally.  All higher tiers will also include this. Uptime may vary.
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About KaBob

Any funds generated by this patreon will be used to help fund the hosting of my websites, the development and release of any games I make and to enable me to spend more time programming and recording videos/streaming.

In addition to any rewards listed here, if you have a Pyco account you can have your pledge put towards your donation count which will give you small benefits on Pyco. You can find information on current donation benefits here.
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I will start releasing 14 videos a week on Game Plague and 7 videos a week on OrbScape.
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