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About Kai in Korea

Hello guys,

My name Is Kai and my dream is to live in Korea and build up my life here.

Its very hard to find a normal Job here in Korea as a foreigner. Still I want to build up my Life here because since the first day that walked around in the streets here in Korea I felt just Happy and HOME. I want to find a job here where I can help people I need.

At the moment I work a little part time job and get some support by my Familie from back home.
I'm living at the edge at the moment with me having maybe 20$ per month for free time activities such as meeting friends and eat outside after paying rent, utility fees, transportation cost and food.

I set up this Patreon Page for people who are kind enough to spend/donate some money for me, so that I can continue to life here and find myself a way to earn more money.
It will be a Hard and long way but I hope with the support that hopefully people will give me here, I will be able to find a good job that I like.
I want to find a job here where I can help people I need.
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This amount helps me with my utility fees from my little Apartment. Thank you all for supporting me !
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