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About Kaijere Cosplay

My name is Kaijere (kai-jeer)! I'm a cosplayer, digital illustrator, photographer, jeweler & mom of 2! I adore all things art related, which is why I do so many art forms. I'm a creative streamer on Twitch with the occasional game and I will be sharing what I learn and do with you!
My plan here on Patreon is to give back to the community and further my work as an artist. While I love my kids, I also love creating, teaching others and learning. Patreon will allow me to continue creating more stunning cosplays, visually fantastic photographs, unique digital art and one of a kind nerd jewelry, bringing your favorite fandoms to life! While I definitely don't expect people to contribute more than just enjoying my craft (let's be honest, telling me you enjoy them means so much as is!), but if you feel like contributing, it all goes back into me being able to create more things and breathe life in our favorite characters! All the while, it enables me to teach you and others as well as imprint on you ( & my kids) the importance of art in life, and how to do it yourself!

How long have you been doing this?
I first got into photography a decade ago when my parents got me my first digital camera for Christmas at 16. I've been in love ever since, and have been continually honing my craft to become what you see today. In fact, the banner above were all shots that I took of and post processed myself, of myself!
Drawing been a love of mine for as long as I can remember. Now that I have transitioned into Digital Art, I have re-sparked my passion and spend as much time as I can drawing unique characters as well as fan favorites.
Jewelry making became a passion of mine almost 5 years ago. I loved the look of a piece and decided to try my hand at making it myself. I've spent the last 5 years honing these abilities to create pieces inspired by some of our favorite and adored characters from various books, tv shows, movies and video games.
While I've always loved dressing up for Halloween, my first cosplay was made in 2012! I altered many pieces of bought clothing to create two of my favorite book characters from Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy: Vin and Elend Venture (made for my husband). Since then I've made several cosplays from different fandoms and am constantly working on more!

I want to teach and inspire! I want you to help me help you! By supporting me as an artist, I will be able to continue making unique products and post tricks that I use in making my cosplays, digital art, photography and jewelry work! I currently am a stay at home mom and work consistently in my Etsy shop TheNerdNiche! I love my work there, but want to be able to do more and share more with people across the globe! Patreon is the perfect way to allow me to do so.

Patreon News Feed!
While I post on my various social media fairly frequently, the Patron-Only feed will have early sneak peeks and more content! Different tiers see different things; you can expect to see tutorials, info on what I'm working on next with details, behind the scenes videos and images, sketches of my work ups and more! This feed will be updated at least 6 times a month!

By being a Patron, you will receive discounts in my Etsy shop! This is great especially for those who have lots of people to give to for the holidays or are a gift giver in general! The more you pledge, the bigger the discount you receive! I also will give Patrons first dibs on digital art commissions and discounts!

Want to have a say on what I create? Here's your chance! Whether you really want to see a new Doctor Who inspired jewelry piece, or have a specific character from Avatar you want brought to life through cosplay or maybe you want to see another world Star Wars photo manipulation, you'll get to vote and help the creative process along! Sometimes you'll vote between a list of things, but I'm also open to suggestions from you.

As I go along, I'll be posting speed runs on how I do my cosplays, as well as video streams on how I edit my cosplay photography. Many people have asked me in the past how I make my jewelry as well, and my creative processes behind the pieces; I'll also show how I make my jewelry and trinkets! If you guys have specific questions or tutorials in mind, feel free to push the ideas to me too! While many videos I make will be available to the general public, some of the finer pieces will only be available through Patreon for those directly supporting my work!

$0 of $50 per month
Reaching this goal will allow me to spend at least 2 hours on stream every week creating content, whether it's cosplay, digital art or photography related. This will enable the learning to grow and expand for everyone, and doing so LIVE! It will also allow me to make one new piece of jewelry every month, that you get to help vote on! It means that I'll be able to save up money every month to hopefully create a new Patreon oriented cosplay every 6 or so months.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts