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Epic Rock Radio has tens of thousands of unique listeners every month.  If just 1% of those listeners donated one US dollar per month, we would be able to easily pay our hosting and licensing expenses and keep our server hardware up-to-date!  If you're low on cash, consider donating at this level.  If enough of our listeners reach out with a small donation like this, it would make a huge difference for us.
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Patrons at this level will receive the undying appreciation of the Epic Rock Radio staff!  You will also receive a unique badge available only to Patrons that you can proudly display on the Epic Rock Radio Discord server.
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Patrons at this level will receive the undying appreciation of the Epic Rock Radio staff! You will also receive a unique badge available only to Patrons that you can proudly display on the Discord server.  Uhhh... Yeah.  It's exactly the same as the level before it, but more expensive.  It's for all you rich folk who want to help us out!
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About Jarrod Kailef

Epic Rock Radio has been around since July of 2004.  Since it's inception, it's undergone so many changes that it isn't even recognizable from what it was back then.  It started out as a way for me to listen to my favorite genre of music, that being Power and Progressive rock and metal, while at work.  Almost twenty years later, we've grown and changed, and are now (as far as I am aware) the largest and most popular Power/Prog metal Internet radio station in the world!

We have helped many new artists get discovered, sell their albums, and in many cases get signed by record labels.  We review albums, interview artists, are in general the "go to" resource on the Internet for fans of the Prog/Power rock and metal genre to gather, chat, and share information and sometimes even talk with the artists themselves.  Plus, we do it all for free, with no commercials, no advertising, and no subscription fees.  We don't even collect your email address!

Sounds awesome, right?  Well, from a popularity and content standpoint, yes.  But, we have a problem.  New changes to the laws in the United States, introduced at the beginning of 2016, have significantly increased the amount of money it costs for a small webcaster like Epic Rock Radio to operate.  When you combine the new per-play royalties with the existing costs of our web hosting and streaming bandwidth, the monthly costs are now more I can handle on my own.  The station is has become a financial hardship for me.

This is where the Epic Rock Radio listeners have stepped in to support the music they love.  Through this Patreon account, many of you are helping station by donating your hard-earned money to keep us on the air.  While we still aren't covering all the costs to run the station, I am overwhelmed at the generosity of our listeners and hope that, with time, we will be able to reach our goals so that we can keep Epic Rock Radio on the air, forever.

If you can afford it, please consider making a donation to the station.  Any amount helps, even one dollar a month is a dollar closer to covering our expenses!  I and the rest of the ERR staff truly appreciate it.
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Back in the "old days" Epic Rock Radio cost us $25 dollars a month, but sadly, those days are long gone.  The latest rate changes in 2016 have us paying between $800 and $1000 a month in royalty payments alone.  I can float the station for a few months, but we really need your help if we're going to be able to make it!  This goal will at least cover half of our monthly expenses.  While I can't survive at this level forever, I'll do my very best to keep things going as long as I can.
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