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Pledge $1 or more per month
20 patrons
Epic Rock Radio has tens of thousands of unique listeners every month.  If just 1% of those listeners donated one US dollar per month, we would be able to easily pay our expenses, upgrade our station's servers, and pay a salary to our staff!  If you're low on cash, consider donating at this level.  If enough of our listeners reach out with a small donation like this, it would make a huge difference for us.
Pledge $5 or more per month
40 patrons
Patrons at this level will receive the undying appreciation of the Epic Rock Radio staff!  You will also receive a unique badge available only to Patrons that you can proudly display on the Epic Rock Radio forums.
Pledge $20 or more per month
4 patrons
Patrons at this level will receive everything from the lower levels, plus will receive access to the members-only forum on the Epic Rock Radio website that is not viewable by anyone but Patrons at this level and above and the Epic Rock Radio staff.  This is a great way to get inside information about what new music and artist interviews are coming up.
Pledge $50 or more per month
2 of 10 patrons
Be a member of the Inner Circle of Epic Rock Radio!  Patrons who donate at this level receive everything from the lower tiers, plus will be listed on the Epic Rock Radio site itself as Patrons right alongside the staff in the Resources / Info section.  We will also do something for people at this tier that nobody else has - An extra song request each day!  (This feature is not implemented in the software yet, but in the meantime just ask one of the admins in the shoutbox and we will manually enter your extra request.  Note, unused requests do not accumulate)
Pledge $100 or more per month
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Be heard!  Record your own Epic Rock Radio sweeper that will be added to the rotation!  You can record your own sweeper of up to fifteen seconds in length and work directly with Jarrod Kailef to edit it and add effects and music, to be added to the station's permanent daily sweeper rotation for as long as you remain a Patron at this level.  Certain restrictions apply, as we need to approve what you decide to say - No profanity or inappropriate subject matter - But otherwise, you choose whatever you want to say and have it be aired on Epic Rock Radio at least twice every day!