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About Kaines Academy

Hello & Welcome! 

Thank you for stopping by! I go by the name of Kallista Kaines, and I am an aspiring Cosplayer, Twitch Streamer with an obsession of Dangan Ronpa and an avid fanfiction writer!

✨I work full time in hopes of focusing more on cosplaying and streaming in the future.


✨Help with Cosplays!✨
I have dreamed about cosplaying ever since I was introduced to anime and video games but never had the confidence, support or funds to actually achieve it. Just recently I was able to start my dream with the support of others!

✨Help with Streaming✨
In addition to cosplaying, I am also a growing Twitch Streamer. I currently stream on a fairly decent laptop, without a desk and an ok chair. I want to continue to improve my streaming equipment and to provide more entertainment during my streams!


Great question! There are plenty of great creators you can pledge to on Patreon, and I pledge to many myself! My rewards are listed in a column on the right of the page, but to break it down for you:
A $1 pledge gets you access to my cosplans, work in progress photos, access to my personal blog, patreon exclusive photos and my eternal love and appreciation for your support. 

All of the other tiers have varied rewards, including a Patreon exclusive Channel in my discord with other cool people, high-quality annual care packages, choose a game for me to play, written commission and more. 


Because I work full time my stream schedule changes, although I try to keep consistent as much as possible. But by pledging you get quicker access and previews to things related to cosplay instead of waiting for my twitch schedule. Of course, you would have to wait for the stream for anything regarding twitch.


I seriously couldn't do what I do without you! To everyone, whether you decide to pledge or not, thank you so much for reading this. All of your love and support means the world to me, really! No matter what, I'll keep bringing you cosplays that I think you'll love, and I'll put all of my heart into them!
Patreon just gives me an easier way to do that while also giving back!
Whatever your choice is thank you so much!

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