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You paid for a decent room on the ship, a hot meal, and safe passage to where you're going- you get access to the normal stuff everyone gets. This tier is if you'd like to show a traveling bard some appreciation for the work he does. ^_^


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My fee isn't much- in fact, it's practically non-existent! But handing me a $5 will give you a little more access to the ship; you'll be a part of polls and raffles, get early access to look at chapters as they're being worked on (as long as you promise not to drop spoilers), and generally make me a happier captain/writer. ^_^

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For whatever reason, you decided to splurge a little! This gets you the First-Class benefits, but now you have access to discounts when you commission me; can ask for a cameo in any of the stories I write; and you gain access to the notes and earliest drafts of my works, plus some stories that never really got off the ground, or plots I decided to abandon!




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About Gold Rush Writing

Welcome aboard the Gold Rush, stranger!

My name is Kajex Surnahm, a wolfish bard hailing from a strange and warm planet named SoCal!  I read and write scribblings of furry influence, ranging from tame and public to raunchy and explicit! Currently my longest-running piece is Path of the Sentinel, a science-fiction adult story series that takes place a in a galaxy far, far away; but I'm also looking to expand my writing into other interests, and hopefully find support and ideas while I do it!

I intend to make all my content free to view (though adult works will require making free accounts to be able to see), so the main point of this place is for you to pledge support if you'd like. However, I intend to include monthly polls so patrons can vote on what I write outside of PotS (which can include ideas suggested by patrons); and depending on how successful this ends up being, I maybe include some more tangible rewards in the future. ^_^

For now, kick back on the ship and give my works a read! I'll update this page with links to my works as the become available, or you can find me on SoFurry!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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