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For those who want to see everything I post here, and give support!. Every little bit helps, and is super appreciated! 

-Let's you view almost everything I work on!
  Includes alternate versions, WIPs,
 and Patreon Supported work.


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For those interested in learning how I do things!

-Accesss to all uploads
-PSD of Patreon projects
-Access to all my tutorials


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More Practice! Clothing and anatomy is something I really need to practice getting down.

- Access to all uploads and tutorials
-PSD of Patreon projects
- Single character sketch with focus on clothes or anatomy. Colored, and can have a vore, bondage, or macro/micro theme.




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Hello, my name is Kajiru, and I am furry fetish-artist who focuses mostly on 2D artwork. I would, however, like to expand my content to 2D animation, painting, and comics - with future goals including 3D modelling. The biggest thing holding me back at the moment, is the feeling of stagnation. I work on art full time to pay bills, and put food on the table. I'm making as much as I need to get by, with little to no stress. The problem I face is that by the time the end of the day comes; I'm finished working on commissions but have very little time and motivation to invest in learning something new. I'd like to have time to study, research, and practice new techniques. Trying that with commission work is sort of a big risk, as it could turn out really good, or really bad if I do anything outside of my normal routine. This is where you guys come in!

I'm creating this because I want a sound foundation: To create and learn new things with a community who can give constructive feedback and motivation. I want to be able to make art, comics, animations, and eventually get into 3D content. I aspire to grow as an artist and creator; and take you guys along for the journey. This Patreon will mostly serve as a place for those who'd like to support what I do and have the chance to be involved in what I do! I'd also appreciate the opportunity to experiment and grow - to get a chance to push myself again, taking risks in what I create without fear of disapproval from a paying commissioner. I want to learn, and really see what I can come up with!
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I can dedicate an entire week to practicing and learning new things! I'll also add more tiers with rewards related to what I need to practice, and add more slots to existing ones
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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