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About Kakutogi Road: The Complete History of MMA

Welcome to the beginning of what may be a long and winding story, as we begin a quest to, (almost), completely document the history of modern MMA. Over the course of many chapters I hope to expose myths, answer questions, raise new inquires, and shine some light on how the way of the fist intersected with the art of the armbar, and how we got to be here today. I intend to go through every MMA event, (within what is available), in chronological order, from the early 90s-00s, and highlight the various highs and lows, that have led us to where we are today.

We will be extensively writing about the history of MMA, Kickboxing, and applicable Puroresu, throughout this project, and will provide lots of media along the way, via video, historical articles, and news sources.

I also hope to include many interviews of various stars/personalities within the world of MMA, Kickboxing, Pro Wrestling, BJJ, etc, going as far as to track them down wherever they may be, and hiring translators if necessary.

In the future we would like to explore podcasts covering this material as well as original video content, basically anything that would help flesh out the history of this crazy sport, and this is where you can be an important part!

Any help that you could provide towards this historic, and ambitions project is greatly appreciated. With your help, I will endeavor to do whatever it takes to thread together a complete tapestry that provides a complete and coherent glimpse into how this sport got started, in the most chronologically logical way possible. This will include painstaking research, tracking down the personalities that are still alive, interviewing them, paying for (if need be) cameras, research materials, airfare, and anything else that may be needed to provide the most through picture possible.

With your patronage you will get early access to all of our main timeline posts, in addition to a ton of bonus articles, videos, etc, available for members only.

We at the Kakutogi Team look forward to producing more wonderful content for you all, and we appreciate any consideration on your part to help partake in this unprecedented and ambitions endeavor.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 60 exclusive posts

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