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Kalampedia is an effort to build a place for readers and writers where once could explore, discuss and learn from all kinds of books. For instance, a lot of us are often clueless about which book to read next, which author to follow, what kind of stuff should one read, how to become a writer, etc. Kalampedia tries to answer all that and much more.

The website is solely managed by its creator Deepak Rana, who does everything from researching to going around libraries to writing content. To sustain this portal, one could go by the traditional advertisement model, but that just defeats the whole purpose of knowledge sharing. It has to be transparent at any cost. 

Which is why, your role becomes extremely important. Even a small contribution, as much as the cost of your coffee, can make a huge difference and help to sustain Kalampedia. Also, you can always keep a track of where your money is going and what kind of work is being done on the portal. It is only your participation that will determine our success. 
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