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    For me as an artist, this laboratory has been existing since day 1. I mean it. From the very first evening when I at last held in hand this long desired first electric guitar. From the very beginning, I wanted to do these two things, which for me, are inseparable:

     1. to experiment;
     2. to create.

     Both can be summarized in: express myself as a Soul.

     It all came as a deep necessity in my life. I was not very much interested in playing other's music. I wanted to compose my own songs, to create myself, and not only the fact that I couldn't play yet did not prevent me from wanting that, but it quite on the contrary increased this sincere desire. No more than a few hours working on this guitar passed before I began to compose my first own riffs!

     Much more than a performer, I am a composer, and as such, research was always my main interest in all this, my main passion, because I felt very early and understood that only through it could I express what I had to express and accomplish myself as a Soul... So, from the mid 1980's to 1991, I experimented, and created; sometimes very instinctively, without premeditation, sometimes with premeditation.

     When my dream of "collective creation" (in my case, it meant a "band") began to crumble, in 1991, I had enough instinct to anticipate the final collapse, and I decided to work on a "Project" (this term being how I then began to name a particular work), Moévöt, that would on the one hand save my life, while on the other hand causing it to " philosophically divorce" humanity... From the end of summer 1991, and particularly in Autumn, the laboratory became fully conscious, and fully operative too. It was a 24/7, 365/365 structure, in the form of my mind, and extended to all aspects of creation, far beyond the sole scope of "music". Countless hours of draft recordings were born, making the official recordings released to date only the tip of the iceberg... I never counter my hours of work : sometimes, a work like Ézlèfbdrèhtr... of Moévöt could be the result of almost 3 years of research, trial and error, re-assessments, dead-ends, and even sometimes... despair... In the heroic days of this laboratory, between 1993 and 1998, dozens of works were born, some of which are known worldwide today. The laboratory allowed me to give free rein to my exuberant (for it must be said!) creativity, and to set it free from many chains, because I was alone in my laboratory, without anyone looking over my shoulder to control my work, possibly hinder, judge it, and me through it. No band, no label, no concert scene, no public was waiting for me: I was the god of my own creative space, and I could do anything I wanted, or, in case my technical abilities would not be sufficient to express an idea, at least afford myself the luxury of trying without judgement, searching, and then succeed, fail (which is almost the same for me, the only difference being that "failures" generally taught me much more than successes!); and I could even go as far as allowing myself to contradict myself! This laboratory, you understood it, was never really a physical laboratory but rather a "portative lab", embedded within me, following me wherever I roamed throughout the years: in my teenage room at my parents' place, in my young adult flat, in a haunted castle and presbitary, at the top of a French mountain, on a boulder overhanging the Atlantic Ocean, in somber forests, and even... my bed! The list being of course, non exhaustive... It could indeed do that, and could have even done much more, because it was "simply" (I put inverted comas here, as it was in fact not always that simple, and sometimes even extremely difficult!) me as a Soul, expressing myself through whatever tool was available to me at a certain time. And the result was never obtained thanks to the tools themselves, but thanks to what I wanted and was able to do with them! This is why I could create so much, even with very poor material, the only which was available to me for long years... And when I didn't have the tool I needed, I sometimes even invented it!

     This laboratory is still alive and active today, and will be so as long as I will wander here through this incarnation, but also as long as my quest as a Soul will last... However, today is a new era for it. I indeed consider that I have conquered and received so much through it that it is time for me to more directly (than through my sole "music") share some of the valuable and useful things I have learnt through my hard work over the years. When I started working consciously in this laboratory, it never occured to me that my work could and would someday be of any interest to anyone but me, at least not to that degree, let alone to people to the four corners of the earth; but for some reason, it happened. And I am very thankful it did, for it is a very rewarding thought for me to think that all these years of hard work could help more than just me, but also the work of others, be interesting, useful, and open decisive paths to others, inspire them, maybe trigger, fuel their own research...

     All this being said, one important thing to understand is that I never had any financial support for my research. Nobody guided, helped and supported me directly, with full knowledge of the facts, and I had to do all the hard work by myself, most of the time resourcefulness... This work represent thousands of hours of my life spanning more than three decades now, as research is enormously time consuming. I'd even say that it requires an insane amount of time! So I dare say that whatever I have today in terms of ability to create, I obtained it at the cost of big sacrifices! I earned it, deserved it! But maybe by sharing, to some extent, the rewards of this work, I can make things easier for others than they were for me...

     Now, after 33 years of existence, I open a part this laboratory to those who wish to actively support me and my research while directly benefiting from it, helping it, and why not, stimulate it with their own suggestions, trails of research that I might have never considered but who might seduce me! Give what you want, what you can (from 2$ a month), it is up to you, but helping me here is certainly the best way available to you to ensure more research, and consequently more works (mine and/or yours), but also, maybe, more help for your own work. Anyway, it is certainly a much better help for me, for you, and for music, and even Art broadly speaking, than to buy shitty bootlegs! This is another way of supporting me: same as you can buy a digital or physical work and get it in return for your money, you can support me here and get knowledge in return that might benefit your own artistic process!

     But always keep in mind a few very important things:

     — I do not claim to hold any truth in terms of research. The result of my work is always and only one possibility among countless others on a particular matter;
     — Everything here is trial and error. You never know the result of something before you try it for yourself ! Everything here is subject to revision, sometimes even deletion, as what seemed valid and useful at a certain point of my research might seem invalid and useless at a subsequent point of it;
     — Because I start working on something, doesn't mean that it will lead somewhere;
     — I do not work with a fixed schedule; I tend to say that everything happens, but you just never know when! But that's what keeps the whole thing exciting... Each research exposed here is a work in progress: I don't believe a work is ever complete, at least not in human terms, and there could be the key to Eternity...
     — I do not promise either that because you suggest a trail of research, I will necessarily follow it. You should never take it as a disrespect. I could simply not be interested in the particular topic you underline, or not feel competent for this research propose, not have enough time, or simply not feel the need of such a research for myself and my Art. This is not a "pay and get delivered" lab, my Patreon is not a "Vordb Drive". Your participation is a possibility, not a rule, nor an obligation. It is my laboratory, please never forget it. I open it, to some degree, for those who wish to support my research, but it does not mean they own it. I worked 33 years to learn what I know, with no significant support, and come hell and high water. Try to do that, and you will understand why you feel what you have acquired through your hard work is yours and shall forever be! So my work on your ideas could be, never be, be fast, be slow. Whatever it be, accept it!
     — What works for me might on the contrary never work for you, same as an idea or a technique that produced gold in my hands might produce lead in yours, or vice versa of course.... This all is very subjective, as we all are different beings! In itself, an idea or a technique is neither good nor bad, what can be is only what you do with it!
Previously named Sound Research laboratory, I finally decided to rename this laboratory Kaleidarkness Art Research Laboratory (acronym KARL, almost a person!), because even if, in the beginning of my artistic Journey, I was especially interested in sound, and even if sound remained my main mode of expression, I soon understood that I would not be limited to it, and would embrace Art broadly speaking! Particularly over the past ten years, my reseach extended to most of the aspects of music, and to most of the fields of Art...

     Until now, in terms of support, this laboratory only had my inner self...
     It is my sincere hope that it helps you as much as it did me...

     Thank you, sincerely, for your support!

    January the 23rd—February the 9th of 2019
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 85 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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