Kali Neko no Kage is creating Fan Service and NSFW Cosplay Shenanigans

Cosplay Cats

$1 /mo
Thank you so much for supporting! You now have access to *all* of my SFW cosplay content including first look at cosplay and modeling shoots, BTS, text tutorials and walkthroughs, polling access, a...


$5 /mo
Snap with me! See all the random lewds, nudes, and attitudes of my snap story. You can even save them! I post at least 3 times a week during shoots, cons, or just randomly on my day to day.

Titty Kitty

$10 /mo
Tits and tricks galore! This unlocks the *titillating* goods with 1 monthly posted homemade or professional photo set complete with cosplay or costume theme and what's hiding beneath. 

-access t...


Pay Purrrr View

$15 /mo
Wonder what my moves are? Check this out to get 1 minute videos! Sometimes samples of full length videos, sometimes musings of my thoughts. Sometimes random stuff that you wouldn't expect! But alwa...

Ahegao Nekomimi

$25 /mo
Hentai lovers rejoice with this 1 monthly homemade or professional photo set emailed straight to you. 

-access to above tiers

Curious Kitties

$35 /mo
See all the things you won't see and more! With this, you'll gain access to the password protected online folder full of unreleased images, gifs, short video, etc. that has no real place elsewhere!...

Polaroid Pussycat

$50 /mo
Want exclusive just for you polaroids of your favorite catgirl succubus? Well this is for you! Receive 2 one of a kind specialized polaroids in the mail taken with *you* in mind. Lewd, cosplay, and...

Polaroid Pussycat (International)

$65 /mo
For international fans to receive polaroids!

Chatty Catty

$100 /mo
Want to talk games, fandoms, life? Curious how exactly I make my cosplays look so good and want a private lesson? Dial me up for a personal 1 hour skype, only for you.

- Access to $1 - $35 tiers

Sugar Sir

$150 /mo
Professional quality digital photoset of your choice of pre-existing cosplay, lingerie, nude, or fetish. Includes 20+unique poses in character/theme. *Please allow a month for turnover reward*


$300 /mo
No sigils or chants required, candles optional. Wanted to see me in a specific character I've yet to do? A simple click and a name is all you need. You'll see all progress of construction, BTS, sho...