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If you just want to throw a few bucks my way, this is the tier for you! Additionally, you'll get access to some patron-exclusive posts, primarily monthly posts about the content I've written and the direction the Patreon is heading, but also other stuff too!

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At this tier, you receive the full benefits of supporting me as a patron - 4 story chapters a month, right in your inbox each weekend, and full access to anything I've written in the past. More smut than you can shake a stick at!

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All the content of previous tiers, plus:

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About Kallie

Hi! I'm Kallie (aka. Calliethulhu) and if you're here you might already be familiar with my contributions to Literotica or MCStories. If you are, then you'll know what my stories are about: dark, dirty, tantalizing tales of bewitchment and mesmerism, featuring mind-melting magic, brain-warping sci-fi technology, and other more grounded (but no less exciting) forms of trancey, suggestive fun. I aim to write stories that will stimulate all the naughtiest and most fun parts of your mind, by creating erotic love stories that feature fun, interesting characters and explore strange, provocative power dynamics between them - although be warned, my stories might not be suitable for everyone. I particularly love to feature trans characters, as I'm trans and I know how much it can mean to us to see ourselves in a sexual, desirable light.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, please keep reading and consider helping me out by throwing me a few dollars! In order to keep writing and to produce high-quality fiction on a regular basis, I need to be able to devote my time to it. That's where you come in - by tipping me just a few dollars a month you can help make sure that I can keep writing. In exchange, you get access to all kinds of fun and attractive benefits. So, here's how it all works:

Early access!
By pledging $5 or more, you get early access to  all of my stories, way before they're released for free to everyone else. At $10 or more, you get an extra week of early access. Read new chapters of my ongoing, multi-part stories as soon as they're available!

The full archive!
For your $5, you can read through everything I've ever written at your leisure, including numerous older stories that have yet to be released for everyone else. Tons of content!

Help me pick what to write!
By pledging to me, you can suggest names for characters in my stories, vote in polls to determine which stories I write, and more!

I normally put out about 20,000 words of content each month, broken up into 3 or 4 stories, and if you pledge to me all that can be yours way before you'd get to read it any other way! There's other bonuses too, so read through the tiers carefully before you pledge. Thank you very much for your time and support!

(Art credit: https://twitter.com/WilloIllo)
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The next horizon after $1000! I don't have anything special to say, but this would be another amazing milestone to hit
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 135 exclusive posts

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