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You're just a fan, don't particularly want anything, but are okay with making sure I eat. This contribution gets you access to all of my public releases as well.

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Every month, I put up a poll with a couple of options of what Model pack I should create and you will be able to cast your votes with this tier!

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You want a particular model, typically this price range is for a building, or a prop. This pays for one model and an interior if it has one, and its textures. Poly limit is 3.5K. Typically, you'll want to pay this once per model and not leave it as a recurring payment unless you genuinely want a model a month.


Hi everyone, I'm Kalo, I started this Patreon because I love to make 3d art, and i adore Pathfinder! I DM somewhat frequently and in doing so I constantly had trouble trying to find unique art for the tabletop community, typically Tabletop Simulators workshop is full of old game art which is great, but wasn't typically what I I envisioned for my campaigns, so I figured I could make it myself and it is a world of fun. If you're tired of the world of warcraft enviroments then you should give this and my STEAM workshop a try.

If you're at this page you've probably seen some of my work from the Tabletop Simulator community and are interested in supporting me and my work. Becoming a Patreon of mine guarantees you'll have a vote in the model pack I release every month. You'll also be able to access my source files and you may use them in whatever endeavor you like, so long as you are not making money off of them without my written permission.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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