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You make Kamp Kenan Possible. When we thank our Patreon Patrons, that’s you. You get access to patron-only Behind the Scenes videos, photos & moments on our Activity Feed.  Plus updates on what's going on at the Kamp, cool reptile info & the inside scoop on the next adventures Kenan has in store for you.
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Early Access to Kamp Kenan Videos + Monthly Discounts for the Kamp Kenan Store!... Be the first to see every Sunday episode of KK and make a comment.  Plus you get different discount codes for our store each month, access to the patron-only activity feed and other episodes we decide to post early exclusively for patrons. Thanks for being a loyal Kamper.

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Patreon members can become producers on the KK Army channel and upload/post their own videos on the Army Channel every month and show off their collection or favorite animal. The KKA is a home for our Patreon supporters to share knowledge and spread the love for these critters!

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About Kamp Kenan

 What is

Kamp Kenan is a YouTube channel. We make videos about reptiles and other misunderstood creatures. Turtles, Tortoises, Lizards, Crocodilians, Lemurs you name it. Our goal is to capture the beauty of these animals and to educate and inspire a whole new generation to get involved in conservation.

Why do we need your help?

Kamp Kenan is expensive. It’s easy to make our sanctuary look beautiful because it is beautiful. But it’s hard to take care of the Kamp Kenan Residents while also traveling the country finding great stories to spread our message of conservation and education.  For us, upkeep of the animals and habitats are priority one, but showcasing other amazing keepers is a very close second.  It all takes time & money and we are only a 2 man operation believe it or not.

For the last two years, around 50% of Kamp Kenan's budget has been paid for by YouTube Revenue. We do everything we can to keep our costs low, but you can’t skimp on food and shelter for the critters... and airline tix and rental cars are what they are. So we need your help. Plus, you get stuff in return!

Goal #1 -
1000 Patrons - If we can reach 1000 patrons we will be able to hire an assistant and create more content for YouTube & a lot more exclusive content for Patreon members!
2000 Patrons - When we get to this level we will earn enough to make international trips for our Kamp Kenan Conservation abroad efforts & also have a real chance to create a public facility that Patreon members can visit!.
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If we can reach 1000 patrons we will be able to hire an assistant and create more content for YouTube (4 videos a week) & a lot more exclusive content for Patreon members!
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