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Thank you for your contribution and continued support! You have earned my undying love and gratitude! 

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You will earn access to my private streams! These will include working on new base sculpts as well as pre-made suits! 

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You will earn early access to purchasing pre-made suits! Sales will become available to you a day before everyone else! 




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About Kandorin Creations

Hello and welcome to the Kandorin Creations Patreon page! 
I am a small independent fursuit building shop located In southern Wisconsin that has been creating costumes since 2009. I knew from the second I stumbled on this unique art form that I had fallen in love. From then on I have kept creating while continuously looking for new ways to grow and improve. 

Why Patreon?
It has come time that in order to continue to grow I need to start thinking about relocating. I love my little quirky shop but I have long outgrown it. The greatest issues come in the form of not having enough storage space and not being able to regulate the temperature of the room. Many of my materials are stored in other locations as well as my trailer which makes suit building highly inefficient at times. My shop also has poor insulation which means there are entire months in the year where casting is not an option. Meeting this goal would allow me to look for and eventually move to a new location with more space and better accommodations. This would greatly improve the quality and turnaround time of my products.

Expanding the team!
Currently I am the only official member of Kandorin Creations. Eventually, once in the new shop, I would like to explore the possibility of expanding and hiring new partners to help this company grow and improve turn around time. Being a one woman show is not easy!
To the future!
Thank you to everyone who has helped me get to where I am today and continue to push me to move to a better future! I invite you all to join me on this fanatic journey as Kandorin Creations moves forward to bigger and better things! 
$12.01 of $300 per month
Once I reach this goal I will create in depth tutorials starting with resin base making from original sculpt to finished cast that will become available for everyone in the $10 tier and up! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 77 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 77 exclusive posts

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