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About Kandosii Clandestine

Hello there.

 this is Kandosii Clandestine.

I do lots of things here,  I want a lot of various different moderately successful pages and groups and ministries.

You’ll find I’m full of surprises. I talk about Jesus, the Bible, God, spiritual topics, life, history, the senate, politics, culture, philosophy, gaming, music, art, fiction, TV and Movies, Memes, culture, popular culture, technology, science, Comedy, DIY, How To, Arms, Armor, Lifestyle, Language, nature, animals, botany, and health.
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I am so honored that you have found your way here and decided to bless and support me. You probably don’t realize what it means to me, because I honestly don’t have a lot of money. Just five dollars a month will honestly help me to pay for my basic college-student life expenses. I can worry less about that and more about creating stuff that you will enjoy and care about.
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