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Thanks for your help!  Every little helps.  Know that you're helping to make this game a reality!

You'll be alerted to any Savannah related updates, including any live streams, content updates, and contributor special access!
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Fennec Pack

You'll have access to all monthly polls.  These will include helping me decide a direction in the game.  Through the polls I'll figure out which content people want to see most, and can focus my time and effort into adding those first, and with the most detail built in.
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The Swift

Have you ever wanted to read my stories before everyone else?  Here's your chance.  In addition to the polls available at the Fennec tier, you'll also see beta stories that aren't destined for paper publication as they're going through edits.




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You can play the game right now at humpin.gs - Go forth and enjoy!

Hello, fanciers of fuzzy things!

I'm Kandrel, writer and creator of the new interactive adult game Savannah.  With the right support, I plan to expand the world for you to explore.  Including a new and custom-written engine, writing from a seasoned and published furry author, and fantastic art from an enigmatic ferret, we expect Savannah to be an exciting adult experience.

The engine was designed to allow me to narrate every part of the roleplaying experience.  Most of the best furry interactive stories are hampered by their engines.  Every time you find yourself engaged in combat, you can expect to keep hitting the 'attack' or 'seduce' buttons repeatedly with no real narration until you either win or lose.  Instead, I want to make the entire experience worthwhile.  Each and every swing and blow of combat should feed the narrative, rather than the story taking a back-seat while you roll virtual dice.

As the game is written in Unity, I have the option to build for a wide variety of platforms.  Current plans are to make this available in-browser (via webGL), as a stand-alone for PC and Mac, and as an app compatible with most android devices.  If there's sufficient demand, I can investigate other platforms as well.

Why Should You Pitch In?

The answer is simple: If you want to see the world I've created grow, I could use your help.

Don't get me wrong, this game will progress regardless, but with some help I can turn this into something grand.  Both Unciaa and myself work, so funding may mean the difference between a little and a lot.  Instead of a few sparse scenes or NPCs cropping up new each month, full funding might mean that I can architect whole new locations for you to explore.

I've been burned on crowd-funding before, so I understand some reticence.  While promises made online rarely carry any real weight, what I can show is a past history of publication, both as an author and as an editor.  You can take a look over at foxyonline.com and see a list of my published works.  Is any of this a guarantee of future performance?  No.  Again, it's all just internet promises.  However, I've got the history to show some ability to bring projects to fruition, and the skill necessary to do it with quality.

Meet Kandrel

About ten years ago, I started writing silly little porn stories for friends and loved ones to enjoy.  I didn't really intend much more than to give something back to the fandom that had entertained me so thoroughly.

Fast forward to today, and I'm now a published author with more than twenty stories from just the last five years in print.  Writing has turned from a fun little diversion to a real passion of mine.  In my more mundane life, I've been a coder and tech specialist for more than half my life now.  For so long, this has just been a way to pay the bills.  With a bit of ingenuity and some help from my friends, I'm really hoping to turn this combination of my two vocations and passions into something everyone of the right tastes can enjoy.

Would you like to read a few of the other stories I've written? You can find my bibliography over at foxyonline.com
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Go to humpin.gs to play now!

That's right.  This is going to happen, regardless of whether it can support me or not.  The difference here is the speed at which I'm able to add new content.  There's only so much fox to spread around a day, and this will decide how much of those days I can devote to expanding the world.

I want to make this clear.  At no point am I holding my writing or the other things I make hostage unless I make some arbitrary amount.  What I'm hoping to achieve is being able to dedicate myself to my creative pursuits.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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