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About Kankantrie Foundation

We'd love to share all our knowledge with you. If that's ok?
If you care to donate money to help us with every video we make.
You will actively help us create and spread more knowledge and wisdom in to this world.
Connecting to people all around the world through Patreon helps us making videos and sharing more of our activities. To keep all our videos free from commercials you can help us by supporting us through Patreon. Every donations helps us with keeping up this work. 

Our Main Job: Kankantrie focuses on art, culture and education in the form of indigenous knowledge. In addition, Kankantrie offers: shamanic retreats, shamanic training, perma culture, medicine plantations and reforestation projects.

We teach people to have a better connection with the spirit of the earth to become a guardian of nature for a better future.

All of this will become possible because of all your support!
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