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Competitor for Rutter's Martial Arts (RMA)
  (The Upcoming Event - Virginia Karate Circuit)

  I, Catt, am new to Shotokan Karate (Karate-Do), my martial weapon is Nunchaku, and I wish to enter upcoming Martial Arts Competitions. However, I can not do this without help from patrons and sponsors, for I am very poor. I attend every class that can be possibly attended at RMA, and train quite consistently at home around 2-8 hours a day (Would enjoy training more). To be able to attend the extra classes under Grand Master Scott Rutter (7th Dan), I pay the usual class fee $60 per month and help him do projects around his house and Dojo/Dojang.
  Although, attending the classes and committing to studies is good, I wish to become great; and to do this one must attend competitions. Competitions is where the problem I have resides; for it is not that I could not compete, but there is a huge barrier of competition fees I have much trouble with. At home I must pay rent, vehicle fees (Jeep), and provide food for my boyfriend and I. Which can be difficult on a disability (Autism) paycheck. Though I have tried working at a nearby Dollar General, the Social Security office has threatened to take this source of income from me.

 * $7.50 per hour x 30 hours after tax is $150 x 4 weeks is $600
 * Disability check is $735 and only allows up to 20 hours per week in VA

  For now, since I cannot work at Dollar General, I have been working at nearby farms and have been doing yard work for extra money. However, doing so has turned out to not have very good returns and has not even come close to meeting the quota. So, I need all of the help I can get to pay for the upcoming competition season (November - I believe January).
$0 of $60 per Competition
Entrance: Grandmaster Preston Rodgers Superstars Karate Championship on Saturday, November 9th.
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