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Welcome to my writing journey.
As a thank you you get a FREE eBook of my short stories: With a Twist of the Nib (pdf format), when you sign up as a Patron. 
You also get:
  • Early access to shared monthly blog posts (scheduled for last week of the month.
  • Exclusive posts and early access posts with info and updates on research, behind the scenes, works-in-progress, cover reveals, and/or trials and tribulations (not too many of those I hope).
NEW: Early access AND exclusive posts will also contain behind the scene photos and/or artwork.
Early access posts: You will receive posts a week before any related posts on my regular webpage blog posts (usually scheduled for last week of the month). 

BONUS GOAL: $100/m:  Monthly calendar page with upcoming events, steampunk, book-related and fannish dates. Each month will have an original art or photographic image.

Cog in the Machine

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You receive all of the $1 rewards + TWO new rewards!
  • NEW: Early access and exclusive video updates of of works-in-progress, behind the scenes info, writing research, photoshoots and sneak peeks of artwork, covers etc.
    (minimum of one per month).

BONUS GOAL: $100/m:  You will receive copies of original digital artwork/photographic wallpapers related to my books/ writing as they are created. 


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All of the $1 and $3 rewards PLUS
As a bonus reward you receive FREE MUSIC:
a digital copy of the steampunk song, The Gadgeteer (lyrics: Karen J Carlisle/ Music: Richard Ryall) 
  • Exclusive: Live Chat: You are also invited to participate in a patron-only monthly Live Chat on youTube. I'll do my best to answer questions on my books, characters, writing process, research, my garden, tea, favourite chocolate... (also message/email me questions before hand so I know what you want to talk about - or ask me live!)
    (There may be spoilers.)
  • NEW: Exclusive You will be listed as a Patreon supporter at the end of book trailers made during your pledge.
The Live Chat is usually scheduled for second Saturday morning (Australian Central Time) of each month.
Check patron posts for date confirmation each month.

*Bonus: October, 2020. New Music Digital Download: 'Spanish Flu' (Lyrics: Karen J Carlisle/Music: Richard Ryall)

BONUS GOAL 1 ACHEIVED! $50/m: With pledges now $50/month, the monthly Livechat will be via private youTube livestream.
Includes Discord benefits




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About Karen J Carlisle

Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Whether you’ve already read my books and have come to support me, or if this is the first time you’ve found me - thank you for allowing me to share a little of your time as I tell you a bit about myself…

I’m a writer and illustrator of steampunk, Victorian mysteries and fantasy, and have recently tried my hand at writing music lyrics. My favourite genre is alternative history with a steampunk twist - and usually a mystery… I love a good mystery.

My first series, The Adventures of Viola Stewart, is a Victorian steampunk mystery trilogy.

Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire, a modern cosy paranormal/fantasy mystery set in Adelaide (published in 2018).
Daemons, fairies, magic: it’s all real. The Otherworld is bleeding through the cracks in its shell. And Adelaide is ground zero.
My fifth book was released in May, 2019. The Department of Curiosities’is a steampunk tale of adventure, a heroine, mad scientists, traitors and secrets. All for the good of the Empire.

I’m currently writing my sixth book, A Fey Tale, the second book in The Aunt Enid Mysteries.
I’ll pop the links below, if you’re interested in taking a peek.

As an independent author, I don’t only create words. I do my own artwork, photography, cover design and book trailers… <takes a deep breath>
I have to organise editing, formatting, marketing, travel expenses to - and fees for - events. Basically, the buck stops here. Other expenses include art supplies, electronic equipment upkeep and replacement, stationery, cards, bookmarks, publishing and design software and publishing costs. Then there's events...

One of my long term goals is to afford professional, original cover artwork (I've had quotes up to AU$1000 for my dream covers). My aim is to be able to afford these covers for a future fantasy series, The Otherworld series (expected publication dates of 2023+).
Another goal is to upgrade my available video editing equipment, pay for video overlays, props (perhaps even professional models and actors?) to improve the quality of my book trailers, event and book videos. (I’ll post a link to some of my existing videos below as well).

Your support will also help me to afford to travel to interstate (and possibly overseas) events to talk about writing and steampunk, to meet wonderful people, and do more research for future books.

Your continuing support allows me to pay basic bills because, contrary to the belief of some, no creator relishes the idea of being a starving writer or artist, living in a dank, dark attic.
The (biggest thing) you can give me, as a patron, is the gift of time. Time to write, and time to create more characters and worlds for you to enjoy.
And, for this, I am immensely grateful.

As a thank you, all patrons get a free pdf copy of my first short story collection, With a Twist of the Nib - a collection of ten speculative fiction short stories - dwarves, vampires, time travel, detectives, steampunk adventures or supernatural events; take your pick - when you pledge to support me.
From there, rewards start with exclusive patron blog posts including sneak peeks of works in progress, with varying levels including video live chat, digital downloads of songs I have co-written, eBook and paperback copies of this year’s publication (currently 'The Department of Curiosities'), and patron-only events. All is explained in the details for each level of support.

The Adventures of Viola Stewart: www.karenjcarlisle.com/books/the-adventures-of-vi...
Aunt Enid: Protector Extraordinaire: https://karenjcarlisle.com/books/aunt-enid-mysteries/
The Department of Curiosities: www.karenjcarlisle.com/books/the-department-of-cu...
Book Trailers: www.karenjcarlisle.com/books/book-trailers-viola-...
Event Videos and Book videos: www.karenjcarlisle.com/events/watch-past-events/
$88.35 of $100 per month
For all Tiers: 
When pledges reach $100/month, all tiers will receive a monthly calender page with upcoming events, steampunk, book-related and fannish dates. Each month will have an original art or photographic image.

For Cogs in the Machine ($3 Tier) and above:
You will receive bonus original digital artwork/photographic wallpapers related to my books/ writing.

Time Traveller/International Time Traveller Tiers and above:
You will  receive an eBook copy of Doctor Jack (eBook #2: The Adventures of Viola Stewart)
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