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When I became a veteran in 1994, I received a diagnosis of scleroderma, a coffee mug, and standard-issue men’s healthcare.  

My ongoing veterans healthcare, private health insurance, and medicare adventure continue. I've learned so much, I hope that others can learn from my successes, absolute cluster-f**ks, or understand we're not taking crazy pills, we just feel like it.  

My 26-year medical odyssey could be made into a binge-able series on HBO, but that's not important right now. 

My exploits, the movie Airplane! (1980) and its sequel taught me how to look at my situation, laugh at what's scares me, and be grateful that I'm not out of coffee.

Why two podcasts?
I have been living with two chronic illnesses for 26 years and counting.  My conversations with comedians in Scleroderma in 60 Seconds is great, but there's more to me than scleroderma.  

I am fortunate enough to be born Generation X. My contemporaries are stepping into leadership roles throughout the world.  There's more to us than our nostalgia for Nintendo 64 and complaints about the Baby Boomers who raised us.

Generation Latchkey is a podcast about Gen X in the now.  We have a lot to learn from Millennials and Generation Z.   Generation Latchkey podcast is about finding commonalities in our differences, meaningful conversations, the occasional top 10 list and deep discussions about heavy metal and classic rock.  

Both podcasts are soon to be uploaded to iTunes.  Stay tuned for announcements and follow me on Instagram and/or Facebook.  I am a stand-up comedian and I will have shows available on Zoom as well.  

Thank you for learning about my mission and considering supporting my work here on Patreon by keeping current and/or becoming a Patron.  

Karen Vasquez

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